1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

1.1 All agreements relating to the teaching of the Course by Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions to the Pupil are subject to these Terms to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.
1.2 No variation or addition to the Terms shall be binding unless agreed in writing by Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions.

2. Responsibility

2.1. You confirm that you are the parent or legal guardian with responsibility for the Pupil.  You agree that you or a Carer will attend each Class with the Pupil unless expressly agreed in advance with us on a “Class by Class” basis.
2.2. You confirm that the information set out in the Consent Form is accurate in all material respects and that you will inform us of any changes immediately.
2.3. You acknowledge that the Pupil will be under the supervision, care and control of a Carer at every Class and that the Carer will be responsible for the welfare and conduct of the Pupil whilst the Pupil is on the Premises or in the field.
2.4. Some Classes may be held outdoors in public spaces which have been carefully selected by Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions.  During such Classes the Carer shall be responsible for the whereabouts of the Pupil and shall take special care to ensure that the Pupil stays within the boundaries demarcated by Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions.
2.5. You will indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all loss, liability, costs and expenses which we may incur directly as a result of any actions of a Carer or the Pupil.

3. Discipline and Inappropriate Behaviour

3.1. If we decide that the Pupil’s or Carer’s behaviour is unacceptable, we are entitled to exclude the Pupil and/or the Carer from a Class or the Premises for any period that we may decide is appropriate.   Unacceptable behaviour shall include damage to property, disruptive behaviour, any form of verbal or physical aggression towards the Coach or other pupils, or any other behaviour as we reasonably determine.
3.2. If your player or the carer is excluded from the class for the reasons mentioned, our liabilities to you cease to exist and Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions will be under no obligation to offer any kind of refund or compensation whatsoever.

4. Absenteeism

4.1. Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions is run on a pay as you go basis and you are not bound to attend all classes.

5. Health and Safety

5.1. You must inform Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions and our Coach of any medical condition or injuries that you, the Carer or the Pupil may have before the start of the Term or each Class, as applicable.  If you have any health concerns which may have an effect on participation in the Classes, it is advisable that you consult your GP or health visitor before attending Classes.
5.2. It is the carer’s sole responsibility that the player is dressed properly according to our guideline on our FAQs. The coach reserves the rights at all times to refuse the player with clothing or accessories which may have a safety concern for the player himself and his 

6. Fees and Payment

6.1. Payment is on a pay as you go cash basis and £5 must be paid by the end of each session.

7. Changes or Cancellation by Us

7.1. We reserve the rights to cancel our classes at any time before the start of the class.
7.2. We reserve the rights to change the Coach taking the Classes at any time.
7.3. Classes held outdoors are weather-dependent, in the event Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions deems the weather a danger to the safety of the player, the Class will be cancelled by text and or email using the details registered on the player’s account.   No refunds shall be given for cancelled classes due to weather conditions.  Players are entitled to a make-up session for that cancelled class at another Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions venue, to be taken within the current term only.
7.4. A permanent change in the location or time of a Class will constitute a change of these conditions and will be notified in accordingly.
7.5. We may change these conditions at any time.  We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible in the event of any changes.  
7.6. Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions football classes can only operate on the advertised start date, provided that a satisfactory number of players are booked. If we are unable to provide the booked arrangements, a refund of all monies paid will be available on request or an offer of alternative arrangements accepted.
7.7. We cannot accept liability or pay compensation if we are forced to cancel or in any way make changes to your term or session due to civil strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, fire or adverse weather condition, or any other reason outside our control or any other disruptions caused by third party contractors.

8. Exclusion of liability

8.1. Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions accepts responsibility to you, the Pupil or the Carer for any direct loss suffered by that person (however caused) but not for any indirect or consequential loss or damage however caused, even if we were advised of the possibility of such loss.
8.2. You agree that any claim against Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions must be brought within 28 days of the event resulting in such claim. 

9. General

9.1. The failure by either party to enforce any of these conditions shall not be a waiver of them. 
9.2. These conditions, together with the Consent Form, constitute the entire agreement between you and Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions.
9.3. You agree that these conditions will apply to the Classes run by Shepherd’s Soccer Sessions and attended by the Pupil.   
9.4. These conditions shall be governed by English law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.